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Patron membership is available to organisations actively representing, promoting and preserving the Passivhaus standard. Patron membership is subject to approval based on the following criteria.

  • Should have been standard members for at least 6 consecutive months prior application.
  • Should be fully acquainted with the definition and requirements of Passivhaus certification as defined by the Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt
  • Should agree to support the work of PHT in protecting the integrity of the standard by promoting certification and upholding the reputation of the Passivhaus standard and methodology (See: What it means to claim Passivhaus standard in the UK)
  • Should have at least one certified Passivhaus project/product or have their service/products used in at least one certified project (this can be anywhere, i.e. not restricted to the UK)
  • Should be willing to assist with lobbying to introduce the Passivhaus standard into the mainstream building industry
  • Should not have any ongoing complaints that would bring the Trust into disrepute by association
  • Should not be part of an external investigation (criminal or other) which may jeopardize the Trust’s reputation.

Once approved, the applicant will be notified and requested to select the appropriate Patron membership level based on turnover and complete payment.

The 2024 Patron membership fees are as follows based on turnover of:

  • Up to £1m: £2,500.00 +VAT
  • £1m - £50m: £3,800.00 +VAT
  • £50m - £250m: £6,000.00 +VAT
  • £250m - £500m: £8,400.00 +VAT
  • £500m+: £10,000.00 +VAT

Membership is annual. A reminder to renew and re-select the appropriate membership level will be sent by email one month before the renewal date.

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